Creating a space for practice at home

2014-04-02 13.46.35Obviously pole dance is very challenging and takes a lot of hard work to master. And for those of us who can’t make it to classes and/or those of us who are eager to make more progress on our own, it’s important to create a space that allows you to practice.

Since I’m working with a very tight budget, I scoured Craigslist ads for inexpensive used poles until I landed on this generic brand static/spinning pole that seemed very stable. And I did rule out several cheaper options that looked more like props to dance around than anything I would trust to support my full body weight. I would suggest looking up any poles you’re considering purchasing on YouTube.

Next I set my sights on a large mirror but quickly found that they’re very expensive and settled for a very small $5 one from Target until I could find something else. And one day my husband came home from work with these two large mirrors he picked up when a client was going to toss them out. Eventually when I have a more permanent space I think I could use some frames to make these really lovely, but for now I’m just grateful to have something to work with.

I added my cheap yoga mat, created a playlist on Spotify, and got to work.

Since then I’ve tried to keep up the warm-up routine I learned at Romance and Dance — although since I’m not sore every day I know I’m not pushing myself as hard as they did — and tried to work on a few moves each session.

I’ve got two beginner DVDs (Felix Cane and Jamilla Deville’s) that I’m working with and lots of new bruises every day. Eventually I’m hoping to incorporate Studio Veena‘s lessons into my at-home practice, but I hope I’ll be able to go back to class before too long.

I’ll plan to write reviews on everything I’m using as I get more familiar with them.

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