Now or never


It’s easy enough to put off pursuing the things important to you, whether it’s the career of your dreams, a promising relationship, your health and fitness goals, or just a more confident and authentic you, but if you wait until it’s easy to take the first step, you’ll never get there.

Start today. Start right now. Do one thing that brings you closer to the person you want to be and the life you want to live. And if it’s hard or scary or uncomfortable, know that you’re challenging yourself and that’s the only way to grow.

I’ve recently taken such a step by signing up to perform a beginning burlesque routine — no stripping involved. I’m not that brave — in a small student showcase next month. I realize that may not sound like much of a challenge to some people, but for me it’s huge. Taking the class in the first place was a big step for me. But the idea of getting up on a stage in a fairly revealing outfit and dancing is so far outside my comfort zone, I’m still a little surprised at myself for taking such a big leap. But that’s the thing about challenging yourself. The more you push yourself, the stronger you get, and it gets a little easier to take the next step.

I won’t say I’m not nervous. There are moments when I begin to feel like I’m in over my head, but I do a few things to regain my composure:  First, I choose to feel the excitement rather than the fear; second, I remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, this is just a dance, and a short one at that. What’s the worst that could possibly happen? And even if the worst happened, which is unlikely, what then? I would never see any of those people again, and I would still have my victory just for trying.

I’ve learned the hard way that living in fear comes at a great cost. While I wish I had started taking charge of my life many years ago, I’m thankful I didn’t waste even more time wallowing in self-doubt and anxiety.

Do yourself a favor and let go of the excuses. Start living your life now. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a sultry salsa dancer, you’ve been dreaming of going back to school, or you know you would feel better if you started working out, do it.

It’s now or never.

“Here I am, I said, and here is where I’d like to go, and so I will make steps toward that thing, and when I am almost to the end, the thing I’m headed toward might move or change shape and I might feel like a baby tottering and holding my diaper so it won’t fall down, but even yet, even yet, I will be moving.”

                                                                                                     -Sarah Broom

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