Pole dance student without a pole

rockin-legs-n-abs-dvdcover Soon I’ll have to pack my pole away in a storage unit for an indefinite period of time when I move. And since I don’t know when or how I’ll be able to take classes again, I’ll soon be an eager pole dance student without access to a pole. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, and I hope I’ll find a way to keep practicing somehow. But in the meantime I’m going to focus on developing strength and flexibility so that whenever I get the opportunity to start again I’ll be ready to come back with a vengeance.

To that end, I recently purchased Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin Legs N’ Abs DVD, which is scheduled for delivery tomorrow morning. And I’ll be starting the program about two minutes after it arrives. RLNADay1 As you can see, I’m not flexible at all. Until recently I couldn’t even touch my toes, and it’s still a struggle. But I’m hoping with enough hard work I’ll eventually be limber enough to try some of those beautiful pole moves I can only dream of right now (hello, spatchcock!). I may not be able to progress as a pole dancer in the way that I’d like to, and certainly not as quickly as I would like to, but I’m determined to continue moving forward in whatever way I can.

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  1. This is about how far away I was from front splits when I started stretching–and I didn’t have much discipline to my routine (I took about 5 months to get there). It’s definitely do-able, I can’t wait to see your progress! Flexibility is weird and can be frustrating to work at because some days you’ll feel like you are making insane progress and other days like you are going backwards; in the end it sneaks up on you. Congrats on starting your flexy journey!

    • It’s always nice to hear from people who are starting at or near my level. Working on flexibility is so challenging, and sometimes it really seems as though I’m surrounded by people who are just naturally super bendy. I really hope I’ll start to make some progress sooner than later.

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