The rewards of rewriting your negative self-talk


Negativity has been a constant struggle for me for as long as I can remember, but I’ve been working hard to divert that energy toward something more positive and productive over the last few months. And I’ve been amazed to find that positive thinking and visualization really do seem to bring unexpected blessings to your life.

Over the course of the past few months I’ve literally wished, prayed, or just daydreamed about things that either have or may soon come to pass. It started with my first pole dance lessons at Romance and Dance. I couldn’t afford to take classes anywhere and didn’t even have transportation at the time, so I didn’t know how I would ever get to a class. And then I found a very inexpensive deal on Groupon (and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off the discounted price too) the same day my husband came home and announced he was going on a business trip, leaving me with the car. I now had a Groupon for eight classes and access to a car…for eight days.

A few weeks later I was watching Nicole “The Pole” Williams on YouTube, and as I practiced on my own at home I found myself wishing I could take a class at her studio. And within days, she announced a contest for a free lesson.

Meanwhile, as I’ve continued to look for a job I started thinking about how much I loved being at Romance and Dance, how unusual and refreshing it was to be around women who supported each other, and I started thinking to myself, if they ever open a studio in Corona or Riverside, maybe I can get a job there. And then the owner announced she’s planning to open a third studio in Corona on a radio show.

Strangest of all, I was driving around daydreaming — not even wishing or praying because it was such an unrealistic idea — about getting a scholarship to study pole dance. And now I’m one of the many applicants being considered for what I believe to be the first scholarship of its kind at Romance and Dance.

It didn’t stop there either. I was hoping a job might open up with Embody Pole Fitness and stumbled upon an ad for a part-time job which I applied for right away.

Finally, just last week I was gifted with one month of weekly classes at another dance studio — I’ll write more about that later on — which I never expected or even hoped for. I went in for a complimentary class and was upfront about my financial situation and the fact I simply wouldn’t be able to buy a membership at this time, and they were kind enough to invite me to take classes for free for an entire month. I’m still surprised and so grateful for the opportunity.

Some people may chalk all of these experiences up to nothing more than coincidences, but I know for a fact if I wasn’t making a conscious effort to change my typical self-talk of “I can’t,” “It won’t work,” “That’s impossible,” etc., to “I can,” “It will happen,” and even something just a little more hopeful like “You never know,” none of this would have even been a possibility because I would’ve stopped myself before I even took the first step.

I realize I don’t know that I’ll get any of these jobs or win the scholarship or the contest, but no matter what happens, I really believe shutting down your negative self-talk and allowing yourself to wish, to dream, to hope brings great things into your life.

I’m so grateful to even have these opportunities and for everyone who made them possible, and for the first time in my life, I feel a deep gratitude toward myself the chance to experience them.

2 thoughts on “The rewards of rewriting your negative self-talk

  1. Oh, I hope you win that contest and get the job! I love that all this is happening–as some might say, it sounds like the universe is giving you a sign. Wish away, at worst, you will have a new experience, at best you will make your dreams come true :)

  2. Thank you. I’m still waiting to hear about a few things, but I didn’t get the scholarship, and unfortunately (for me at least) Romance and Dance decided not to open their new studio in Corona after all. The grand opening for their new Los Angeles studio will be June 28th.
    But I’m determined to keep looking for and allowing opportunities to explore my passions unfold in my life. Positive thinking already opened some doors for me. Who knows what might happen from here :)

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